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    Dry Bags

    Any comments on Ortlieb Dry duffel, Outdoor Research lateral dry bag or Wolman Expedition bags?

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    I use the simple $20.00 ones (rubber)from a sporting goods store just like the ones for canoeing or kyaking - Never have wet stuff and I camp out 35-45 times a year. Never fail and look pretty good in Yellow on my yellow bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brettendress View Post
    I use the simple $20.00 ones (rubber)from a sporting goods store just like the ones for canoeing or kyaking - Never have wet stuff and I camp out 35-45 times a year. Never fail and look pretty good in Yellow on my yellow bike
    While I have no doubt that the Ortlieb bags are of superior quality, my WalMart "float" bag works just great. I've never had it's contents get wet while riding with it.
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    Been through some frog strangler rain storms with my Ortlieb and nothing got wet. Also had equally good luck with a Cabelas Boundry Water II duffel.

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    I have been looking at dry bags also. I have found a very large price difference between the premium bags that are sold to the motorcycle market and the low cost cheap bags sold at discount stores and even some online camping equipment stores. For example, I have found $20 bags selling for close to $100 when the bag is sold for motorcycle use. The one problem I am having though is finding the low cost version of these dry bags in the large size I need. I want a bag that is about 36" deep and 14" in diameter. No problem finding that size bag from the premium motorcycle vendors, but they are hard to find in the low cost bags.

    Can anyone who has had both premium and low cost dry bags comment on the difference between the categories? The absolute dollars involved are not major, I just don't like the idea of paying $100 for something that is no better than a $20-$30 alternative.
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    dry bags

    I have purchased ones from both Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. You can get the store brands much cheaper plus online you can get the larger sizes without issue. Never had the higher priced ones. These have worked well and taken a lot of abuse without anything getting wet.
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    I have an Ortlieb zipper duffle for the bike and a pile of traditional dry bags (all prices) for paddle sports. Both do their appointed mission. The dry bags get packed with whatever and get stowed in a canoe or kayak in the morning until reaching camp in the evening where they move 15' to the campsite. They withstand prolonged submersion.

    The Ortlieb carries clothes on the luggage rack and may be rummaged through at numerous stops. It is easy to lash down securely to remain in place during rough riding or remove quickly as required. The zipper gives full access and has never leaked in rain but I wouldn't want to submerge it. Outside mesh pockets give easy access to sunscreen and small items. This bag is easy to carry with handles and a shoulder strap and looks presentable to the general public in hotels, airports, etc.

    IMHO decide what features you need first, then find the choices with those features. It will likely be a short list with minimal price spread.
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    $5-10 and that will get you a surplus dry bag from any military shop. Extremely simple, rubber bag that you tie closed. have 3 in the bike. they wad up very small when not in use. h

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    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Eddie Bauer - $12.00 bright and I do mean bright Yellow.

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