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Thread: Riding suit change?

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    It‘«÷s funny how the search for the best multi weather gear continues for all of us.

    I have my Rally II for summer commuting and touring; I do carry the BMW Klimakomfort rain suit to throw on if it looks like extended rain riding for the day.

    I just bought my first Roadcrafter, a two piece. It is intended to be a daily commuter for fall, winter and spring.

    Over many decades of riding I have accumulated a pretty good collection of old, almost worn out motorcycle jackets and pants. I need to take some of them down to the Goodwill store; I‘«÷m sure some broke college kid or new motorcyclist could use an inexpensive jacket or pants.

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    DoB inside the breast pocket?!? I just looked at my c. 2007 Roadcrafter two-piece, and find nothing inside the breast pocket.
    I'd be really concerned if your suit had an expiration date!
    Haha - not expiration, creation

    They started writing the creation date with a sharpie on the inside of the outer breast pocket I guess around 1988 according to the Aerostich folks. Not long after I bought it in 1994 I called to ask about getting a zipper fixed and when I told her it was an old one she asked me to look inside the pocket for the creation date. When I told her there was none she asked me about velcro placement and after getting that info told me it was made in the first couple years they were making them, estimated 1986.

    It was in the '98 black Roadcrafter I won, I guess they must have stopped doing that some time after 1998.

    Here it is in action earlier this year:
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