I've always said: "If you don't vote, don't complain".
I'm learning that the majority of my mistakes I make here are by myself not having enough information.
One such is the process of site selection.
That being said. Don't complain about a rally location if you've not participated a selection process. And by location I don't mean the rotation.

At this point if Monroe, WA gets declined for what ever reason at least I participated in the process and got it to be 'considered'.
To be honest it was actually kinda cool to be able to do it.
It's selfish to think how many people it would effect it in fact gets selected.
Effected in a positive way.
Like the National Rally being 16.5 miles from home! Ha!

Seriously though... If you know of a place... Go take a ride out and take some pictures.
The majority of my 80 images were shot from the saddle.

There is another site down in Enumclaw, WA
I meant to see that's in the shadow of Mount Rainier.
It may be too small though...
Next Week, perhaps...