Well, actually, I lost the helmet in which the passenger portion of the Scala Teamset was installed. The helmet managed to get out from under the crossed Rok-Straps I had over the helmet on the rear seat of my R1100RS last night.

So, helmet and passenger 1/2 of my Teamset are gone. I re-rode the 30 mile ride in hopes of finding something to salvage, to no avail.

Then the question is, I'll replace the passenger helmet, and install a Scala Q2 to it. I should be able to pair the Q2 to my rider portion of the Scala Teamset right? Both have the voice systems, but the rider portion of the Teamset won't be able to communicate with another Q2 on my brother's bike. Because it would have to be paired to his Q2.

But, I'm thinking when I ride solo on my bike, along with my brother, I can put the Q2 on my helmet in place of the Rider Teamset unit, and pair it to the Q2 on his helmet. Then he and I can talk bike-to-bike. Then when I ride 2-up, the Rider Teamset back on my helmet should work with the Q2 on my passenger's helmet. I'll just have to pair them each time I switch them.

Am I right on this before I go out and buy a single Q2 for the new helmet I am buying for my passenger?