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Thread: Tires-Avon Gripster

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    Tires-Avon Gripster

    Have any of you run Avon Gripster tires on a R100GS? Or any other similar weight bike? If so, what was your opinion?

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    AVON tyres

    I use Avon Distanzias on my '92 GS with great results for my needs. For me, it is a great all around tire. It seems weakest at high speeds battling it out with truck turbulence on the interstate, but that is not my primary use of this bike. I ride mainly on secondary paved roads (70%), unpaved back roads (20%), and major highways and interstates (10%).
    I get around 5000 to 7500 miles before I feel they are too worn for my comfort zone.

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    Yea, the Distanzia is designed primarily for pavement while the Gripster is for about equal pavement/dirt. Big difference in tread design, that's why I am wondering about other rider's comments on the Gripster.

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