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    CA/WI loop

    My boys signed up to attend a hockey camp in Brainerd, MN the last week in July. I was going to drive out with my 8-year old daughter and camp at all the great National Parks on the way but then she got selected to be on a competitive gymnastics team. My wife informed me that her season begins in July and that the team was strict about practices and she couldn't miss the 3 weeks I had planned on to make the trip. I say " great......then I'll ride my moto". Nothing was said as she knew I was really looking forward to the camping with my daughter. I had done the same trip twice with my boys when they were that age. As time went by, I heard my wife on two or three different occasions mention to her friends, that I was going to ride my motorcycle..........

    Plan was to have 6 days to get there, 10 days at the Breezy Point resort on Pellican Lake, with my wife and daughter, and then however many days I was "allowed" to get home. I left my house and immediately turned away from the freeway, taking backroads to one of the best backroads in CA. Quincy-LaPorte road. I was here in June and in still wasn't open due to snow. I've stopped at this place every time I've been on the road.

    It was pretty hot, found a spot along Lake Almanor where I could take a dip and still keep an eye on the bike

    Susanville, CA

    Into Oregon

    I was on OR 395. You can really fly, not much of anything all the way to Burns. The landscape was barren, coming from the Sacramento area which is the urban sprawl capital of the US, I find " nothing" is beautiful. I didn't take any pictures, the riding was fast and fun. Night time came and I beached at an RV park in Burns.

    It was a beautiful night, no need to set up the tent. I ate the rest of the food I'd brought that needed refrigeration for dinner, not the best camp meal I've ever made but it was good enough.

    The next day I headed across Oregon and into Idaho, heading north from Boise on I95. I think it was the Salmon R. that I was following...

    Oregon sunrise

    then onto HWY 12, aka. "Lolo Pass". The only reason I have any pictures of it is because I stopped for a swim. This road is really laid out well, very, very nice.

    the water was shallow, fast, and the softball size rocks covered with algae......... not so great for swimming, probably world class for fly fishing.

    It was getting dark as I found a place to camp in Ronan, MT. Another clear night, no tent needed, big Sky, big stars.
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