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Thread: Tachometer Problem R90/6

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    Tachometer Problem R90/6

    I have a problem with neadle jumping and noisy at the tachometer assyl I also hear a ticking noise when Idling. Do I need to replace the cable & housing to correct this problem ?

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    If you're lucky that will take care of it. Otherwise the problem is inside the tach. There is a good article on the Airheads site on how to try to repair them. I'm pretty sure the conventional wisdom is to unplug it to prevent damaging it further until you get to the bottom of it. I have a GS with similar symptoms and the repair quotes I have gotten are pretty pricey (almost as much as a new OEM unit and much more than aftermarket parts). I'm cheap so the tach is sitting on a shelf at the moment. Good luck!

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    Definitely unplug it. I tried a few fixes and am now looking at repair.replacement.
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    Electric or mechanical?

    If you have the cable and I think 90/6s were such, you likely have a broken cable or one thats about to go south! My R100/7 has the electric tach and I think its the first year for those. Anyhow, the cables are always a first response look see, before digging any further. IF the cable still works fine, you must still lube its ends and service it and even pull the cable itself from its sheath and clean it up. This will indeed show its condition. Some cables are not able to come from the sheath, but many do. The cables can and do get a kink or unwinding of itself after a lot of years and this can be your issue, with jumpy tach readings. Randy

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    R90/6 here.........Replaced the cable first....A waste of time, energy, and money.........The tach needle was jumping and fluctuating, especially in the colder temps.........Made a very strong/loud screaming whirring noise........This went on for a few thousand as I disconnected it in the winter and connected it in the summer...........On one ride with it connected I must not have heard it or seen it jumping and the next thing I knew, I looked down and the needle was gone........NEEDLESS to say I should've left it disconnected...........

    The fix for me is to send the whole cluster to Oversea's, have them check out the speedo, bulbs, and fix the tach for two to three hundred.........Life has it's priorities........lololol.......rode/ride my /2 with NO tach for many K's without blowing it............Time and money just go so far........God bless.........Dennis

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    The time my tach on my R90 made alot of noise the nylon drive gears stripped.

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    The tach on my R90/6 was toast when I got the bike. Needle was broken off (I found it inside the case). I sent the whole instrument cluster off to Palo Alto Speedometer for refurbishment. It was a little pricey, but the unit came back to me looking and acting like new.
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