Just realizing I have a ton of things to do tomorrow but want to go for ride in the morning. I haven't spoken to anyone yet so if someone shows up they would be welcome to join me. Figure a good meet up is Hardee's in Yanceyville NC, junction NC86/US158, No real route picked out yet but thinking of riding over towards Hanging Rock and Stuart area. This would kinda make a loop down once side of the state line, back the other side. I need to be back home by 2. Plan to be at that Hardees about 7 am. Anyone interested?

Not a rushed plan for tomorrow, Expect my pace is usually about 7 or so over (thats about 10-14 over on the speedo) and 20 over the adversary signs for turns, Usually try to resist a pass on DYL.

If something happens by tonight to change plans I will post back here by 10:30