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Thread: Intercom experiences w hearing problems?

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    Intercom experiences w hearing problems?

    I get a lot of helmet vibration (the roaring sound) when riding due to the turbulent blowoff from my windshield. I use earplugs to minimize the noise. I am 6' 4" and wear a full coverage Arai helmet, so my head projects into the turbulent wind stream.

    At 70, I also had a sudden onset sensoaural (sp?) hearing loss two years ago, and have tried digital hearing aids to try to improve what hearing I have left. These hearing aids have not been very successful at all. My best hearing situation is using a full headset w a TV so that all outside sound is blocked. My hearing loss is -30 db in my good ear, and -50 db in my bad ear and tinnitus in my bad ear. Not very good at all.

    We have to travel using the "pound-on-the-back" intercom. Not very effective.

    I assume that any ordinary earphone inserts into our helmets to improve communications would be impractical. Is there anyone that disagrees? I wish an intercom could be used.
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    Yeah.. there are options.. we relied on "Pillion Braille".. my wife would pound on me until I understood the bumps.... we also had "turtle telegraph" where she would send loving messages through my helmet..

    There are several providers of "in ear" plug/monitor. by "Westone"

    Here is the Westone site.. I'm getting the CR-1 probably.

    They are "hearing professional" supplied only.. I have had impressions made and will order soon. They will fit "flush" with ear and if there is any space needed in helmet, you can remove padding outside the ear quite easily with little safety concern.

    Your mileage will vary YMWV.

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