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Thread: expereience with aftermarket windscreens?

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    expereience with aftermarket windscreens?

    Anyone have expereeince with Ztechnik windscreens?

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    I have one on my GSA. It's optically just about perfect, and is about as smooth as the GSA OEM windshield, but the wind hits me a bit higher. I use it in cold weather (once the average temp drops to the mid-30s) and appreciate its wind protection toward the end of my riding season as the temps dip into the single digits. I swap back to the OEM when the weather heats up so I get more cooling air across my chest.

    Fit and finish are superb, and it bolted right up to the existing hardware.

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    I put one on my new R1200R a few weeks ago. Installation was difficult--it took a lot of prying to get the holes to line up with the bolts. Installing the bracket required removing the handlebars, so it's not something you'd want to pop on and off as the weather changes. (The R version requires a special bracket). But I like the look a lot.

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    Have one on my R1100RT. It is quieter than my Cee Bailey and much better than the stock windscreen.
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    I have a ZTechnik tall on my F650GS Dakar. Big improvement over the stock windshield, which has a curled lip at the top that produces a lot of buffeting at around 70 MPH. The ZTechnik is a smooth continuous curve that eliminates the buffeting. The stock windshield is 12" and the ZTechnik is 16". I am 6'2" and if I duck down about 4 inches I am completely out of the wind, so I wish they made a 20" for my bike, but they do not. I have seen others with extensions that are attached to the top of the windshield (both homemade and not), but I have not located a source for an extension. If anyone knows about one, let me know.
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    I'm very happy with the ZTechnik VStream I bought last year for my then new RT. The stock windshield was too short and too narrow for me and my wife and I were getting a lot more wind than we were used to getting on the Electra Glide. The VStream cured this problem.

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    Try to find a shop that has a demo shield you can try and see for yourself. I did and bought one for my 06RT as did my wife for her 05ST.

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    I am fortunate to know a few people at National Cycle, manufacturers of the ZTechnik brand of windshields. I loaned them my 1150 GS Adventure last fall to use in developing a new windshield, which I am now testing and just became available last week. I have their model #2422 which is the 22" tall version currently mounted and it is really nice. I am 5'11" and find myself looking through the top of the windshield, which I do not really prefer, but this takes some getting used to. It moves the air around you and the blast I used to get on the top of my shoulders is now gone. Fit and finish are excellent yet the new mounting bar takes a little work to attach in a rather tight place on my bike. The mounting bar is quality powdercoated and will be a great place to attach additional shelves and accesories. The bar is a 5/8" diameter. ZTECHNIK is an OEM supplier to quite a few manufacturers and that says alot and gives me peace of mind in knowing this a quality product. This windshield should do well during cooler weather riding conditions as it really routes the air flow around the rider.

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    I love the one that i use on my R1150RT

    but in the summer months i go back to OEM
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    Here's another advantage of the Ztechnik: you can attach a RAM mount to the bracket.

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