The BMW MOA Board of Directors has given the responsibility of the day to day running, as well as the long term operations, of the MOA Forum to a group of member volunteers. These volunteers have been selected because of their enthusiam and experience on the Forum as well as their level headed approach to Forum participation. The Forum Teams primary mission is to provide a comfortable, informative, and entertaining cyber community for the members of the BMW MOA.

We just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Your Forum Team consists of a Forum Liaison who has overall responsibility for the operation of the BMW MOA forum, oversees the rest of the Forum Team, and is the person responsible to the MOA Board of Directors for the BMW MOA Forum. From a Forum perspective the buck stops with the Liaison.

Next in the chain of Command and working closely with the Liaison is the Forum Administrator. The Administrator's job is to act as the leader of the Moderator Team and to be sure that all Moderators are qualified and trained in the operation of the Forum. The Administrator also works directly with the Liaison to recruit and train new Moderators. Think of the Administrator as the head Moderator.

Working with these Forum Leaders are the Moderators. The Moderator's responsibilities include being sure everything is in it's place, helping members with Forum questions or concerns, and being sure that the Forum Guidelines are followed throughout the BMW MOA Forum. The majority of a Moderator's activity is the simple housekeeping required in a Forum used by several thousand people. While there is a certain amount of guidelines enforcement involved, Moderators do not want to be thought of as Forum Police and spend a considerable amount of time behind the scenes discussing and implementing ways to make this place great.

That is a very basic description of the Forum Team and their responsibilities. In the next several posts, the various members of the Moderation Team will take just a few moments to let you know who they are and why they volunteered for their position.

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the Forum, feel free to send a PM to any of the Moderators, the Forum Administrator, or the Forum Liaison.