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Thread: All-Purpose Boots

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    Does anyone know if these are any good?

    I usually have had very good success w/Alpinestars products but the price is so low - makes me wonder if they're worth a toot.



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    I've been in the same boat on boots, what would work for both motorcycling and my work place?

    My work environment is around transportation and I require an oil resistant shoe. I have a current pair of Red Wings I have been wearing since 2002, my fourth overall pair since 1986, so they last a long time. I did resole the current pair two years ago, couldn't give up the "broke-in" feeling of the well worn boots.

    These Red Wing boots are great for riding, insofar as protecting the ankle, giving a good grip on the road to stop/stand and I can wear them for 16 hours/day. This is great for only having to have one pair of work-shoes/boots. However, they are lace-up, which doesn't bother me too much on a shaft-drive, but our other bikes have a chain or belt, and I'm not comfortable with that.

    I haven't quite found a pair of Red Wings that would be either a partial zip-up or other options, other than pure "Cowboy" boot, which I'm not thrilled with, nor do I care for the "Harley-Buckle" style either.

    Anyway, thanks for the topic info from everyone, interesting ideas to look at.

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