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I'm hoping someone here with more audio knowledge than I do can help me. I ride with an iPod and speakers in my helmet and I also just purchased the BMW Navigator II which has an audio output. Is it possible to simply get a Y connector and plug the stereo iPod into one connector of the Y and the mono GPS into the other and then connect the output to my headphones? Will I be damaging any of the devices or ?


I too use a xma3 and this is specifically what it was designed to do. It has the added "auto-ducking" feature that mutes the stereo input when you have a GPS or Radar audio warning present. I use an inline volume control that was about $5 from Radio Shack IIRC. I actually prefer that to having a volume control on the unit as I have the unit in the tank bag and hang the R-S control outside. Which means not only can I adjust volume on the go, I can plug/unplug my in-ears without opening the tankbag.