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Thread: Toys for Tots '04 - Chicago

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    Toys for Tots '04 - Chicago

    A little late but better than never.
    On December 5, 2004 53,000 motocycles and I participated in the Annual Toys for Tots run. I had never been to the Chicago parade and was amazed at the size. Saw numerous Beemers and every other type of bike you could imagine. Even kids on dirt bikes and four-wheelers. The temp was in the high 40's to low 50's and the rain held off all day.

    On a sad note, an inebriated elderly driver tried to cut the parade line in his cage and killed a rider. He was charged with DUI among other things.





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    I participated in a toy run here in S Fl. last month and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling being able to help out kids who otherwise get nothing.
    I was sorry to read one biker died trying to do the right thing
    How could that drunk old bat even have gone through the intersection, did the cops not seal them all off, like they do down here???
    I really hope he gets what he deserves. I would have thought other bikers would have beaten the sh^t out of him first.

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    The intersections were blocked by police and road captains, however it is tough to close off every entrance on a 19 mile stretch of Chicago roadway. There were so many bikes they had to do it in groups and it took all day to get everyone through. 53,000 motorcycles is a lot of motorcycles in one place.
    The rider that was killed worked for the correction department. They had to be real careful he didn't suffer an accident after he was in custody.

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