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Thread: Hwy 1, San Diego to San Francisco, Part 1

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    Hwy 1, San Diego to San Francisco, Part 1

    Link to photo album (4 pages). Click on any image to enlarge ot, or to scan through each image one at a time. Sample image below.

    Link to part 2:

    Link to part 3:

    My work scheduled a meeting in San Francisco for the first couple of days in August, e-mailing me my plane reservations. This was just the opportunity I needed to spend quality time on two wheels, so I called the office and told them to cancel the plane ticket. They were quite surprised that I would give up the opportunity to squeeze myself cheek to jowl with the unwashed masses to arrive in 1 ?Ę hours from San Diego, instead, deciding to ‘«£risk my life‘«ō by riding all the way up there‘«™.. on a ‘«ˇmotorcycle‘«÷. They know I live on a boat though, so they may not have tried as hard as they could to talk sense into me, knowing I refuse to drape the cape of normalcy around my shoulders. My plan was to take three leisurely days riding up the coast of California via Hwy1, spend Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco for work, then ride over to Davis California to stay with family. It was going to be a single day ride back to San Diego on Sunday, but I didn‘«÷t want to give up family time.

    I left Friday around noon, heading to Ventura for the first night. It was an easy ride from San Diego, North on Hwy 5 to the 73 toll road in Orange County, then North on the 405 to Hwy 101. From LAX North I found myself immersed in low speed bumper cars, all vying for the best lane position and the opportunity to deny all others from their lane, at less than 5 miles an hour I might add. Pretty typical Southern California traffic behavior actually. This traffic continued the rest of the way North on the 405, then West onto the 101 to Ventura, probably off into the sunset, but as I was exiting here, it was no longer a concern. I dumped all my stuff into my hotel room, then climbed back on my gallant steed to explore the town.

    I was surprised that there was limited public beach access in Ventura. The coast here was mostly marshes, with no sign of the pristine wide beaches I‘«÷m used to. There was a harbor that seemed nice, and probably a good place to explore, but as mentioned, I live on my boat full time, so marinas and harbors‘«™. I‘«÷m pretty much covered in that department. I cruised Ventura‘«÷s Old Town area, which was very nice. Cool old buildings, lots of shops and restaurants and, always a sign of a vibrant neighborhood, lots of pedestrians out doing what pedestrians do best, walking. I found a nice burger and tapas bar for dinner, enjoying the sidewalk ambience and warm evening with great food and a cool draft.

    Heading out Friday afternoon.

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    When did you do this ride?

    I just did Hwy 1 from Oxnard to Monterey on Friday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post
    When did you do this ride?

    I just did Hwy 1 from Oxnard to Monterey on Friday.
    Left San Diego on Friday the 30th. Left San Francisco August 3rd, and headed back home this past Sunday the 8th. Hope you had a great time, I know I did.

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