I wanted to put in my recommendation for this battery for my 1977 R100. The original battery was the BMW version (wet type) and was five years old and was still charging but..... you never know with any battery when it will crash.

There's been a lot of positive references to the Odyssey brand battery and it is well deserved. I've own two Odyssey in both my oilheads.

The ETX30L is equal to slightly less than the length (fore to aft) and height (up-down) to the factory battery. The width (port-starboard) is about .25in less than factory. It will drop in without having to loosen up the tray bolts or the rear bolt-on sub-frame. Posts are on the correct position (+ port, - starboard) so hook up is easy. One neat feature of the posts is the captive nut within the post. No need to "fidge" with a nut and bolt while putting the system back together. Comes with two stainless steel bolts.

The only negative comment I have is the posts do not have a built-in protective cover like the factory battery. The posts are exposed to the rest of the bike.

Warranty is one year and it is made in the USA. Available from evil-bay and other sources.

Just a satisfied customer wanting to share another option with fellow airhead riders.