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Thread: suggestions please...summer jacket

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipwalter View Post
    Love my Tourmaster Air Intake 2 jacket. Mesh w/armor, both thermal and rain liners included.
    I wear a Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 mesh jacket. It works well and I like it, BUT the Tourmaster Air Intake 2 jacket I bought for my wife is even better. It has more effective elbow adjusters and a more versatile double liner. The liners, one water/wind proof and the other insulated, can be worn together or separately. If I had it to do over again, I'd be wearing an Air Intake 2 myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadayama View Post
    You know what i find amazing... is my summer mesh type jacket is hot as hell in 95 to 103 degree weather that Oklahoma is experiencing right now. But when the temp gets cool in the fall, it offers no protection against the cool... go figure...

    pedro in okc
    You obviously bought the wrong one.

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    Depends on exactly what you want. I just bought a new Vanson Vent Max 4. It is awesome, even cool to wear while sitting around between rides, etc. However, to get that maximum air flow, you have to give up waterproof pockets, collars, etc. There is armor at the shoulders, elbows, forearms, and back.....I have removed the back armor. Now, if you want more bells and whistles, but still cooling mesh, I would suggest the Cortec GX Air, which I also have. Media pockets, etc, but much less airflow than the Vanson. I sometimes have to look down to make sure I didn't forget to zip up the Vanson.

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    One thing that I have found when riding in warm weather with or without a mesh jacket, is the gear you have underneath.

    Around town short distance something like a cool nylon shirt and shorts is much better than a cotton shirt and jeans.. Plus you can always poor some water on the shirt for cooling by evaporation.

    For longer rides I wear LD Comfort long sleeve and long underwear. I did not believe it but it does work. Sometimes I poor water down the front and back to help in cooling. It worked well on my latest 1750 mile trip to VT and NH.

    Heck LD suggest not using mesh. Maybe before the jacket or pants look at what is underneath next to your skin for your initial investment.
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    +1 on the LDComfort.
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    A another few tips:)

    LD Comforts are good, but get hot too for me, too hot and you sweat in them. They do not dry quickly under your riding suit. Otherwise good for medium temp days out and about. My First Gear mesh is old now, but has never let me down with a LOT of miles. Tour Master I've seen and I use their pants, great product for the lesser bucks spent. They beat BMWs expensive riding pants all to heck and a fraction of the cost! Had both in my time. Glasses? I have to have them, prescriptions with progressive lenses in place, both shades and regulars are with me always. I find it a pain to switch them out, but have NOT yet found the funds to go get the surgery on the eyes thing to eliminate the clear ones. I would in a heartbeat, if I could let the money go. Modular helmets are the best thing since sliced bread, for glasses wearers. HJC has one for 160 bucks and my 3x head needs more helmet mfg'ers that make my size. HJC has one in 3x, a modular, CL Max is their model. I Tried the Arai 500$+++ helmets for my glasses and they work swell, BUT all that "money is wasted"imo and I find the HJC equally good and comfy at a HUGE reduced cost. My Arai was NOT any better made, as I see it. Still have it! Randy"Polarbear"Owens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sufferin_Boothead View Post
    Had the same question the past few years and finally setted on an olympia bushwacker neon and air glide III (over)pants. Well worth the wait.
    +1 on Olympia gear. I've had a Bushwacker jacket and airglide pants for the past couple years and am well pleased. Wife has the Airglide jacket and pants as well. With the liners in they make decent 3 season gear, with liners out they are pretty good in the heat, especially when combined with a cooling vest!

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    I am close to buying the closeout Olympia Air Glide 2 jacket for summer use. I am anxious to hear comments on that model? They are selling for ~ $160-170 as new closeouts and the new model Air Glide 3 is $250 @ full MSRP.
    I have a WTB out in several places for a set of used Rallye 2 ,Santiago or Savannah -am I going to regret not waiting for the BMW stuff to come around at the right price/size?
    My Hein-Gericke Kiliminjaro jacket is great for 3 seasons and with Gerbings anytime is OK. Right now it is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT! My pants are not mesh and they are even hotterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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    ++1 on wetting shirts.I have just gotten back into biking after 10 years...all those years without protection.(Not THAT kind of protection)
    Anyway I picked up some used equip.,Olympia mesh jacket,Tourmaster mesh pants,and Olympia mesh gloves.Other then the gear being BLACK,I was lucky I picked what I did.Both Olympia and Tourmaster make clothing that will last and protect your posterior.I have taken 4+ hour rides (I know,I know,I'm no iron butt)and with the mesh jacket and pants,the heat is almost manageable.I do stop at times and soke my syn. shirt and the black clothing does get HOT when I stop at a light.But with the combo of mesh and a wet shirt it aint half bad.
    On the other hand I do like the looks of the new Airglide 3 jacket in yellow...maybe when the price goes down>
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