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Thread: Skyline Drive, Virginia, August 7 2010

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    Skyline Drive, Virginia, August 7 2010

    Rode all of Skyline north to south. Beautiful weather. Normal summer traffic. Road is in good-to-excellent condition, but many of the overlooks are closed for construction. Had four deer encounters and nearly bagged myself an 8 point buck the hard way.

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    Thanks for the great pictures and the road report. I'm doing Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway right after Labor Day and appreciate any updated information you can offer. You pictures have got me psyched to go, I've never done Skyline and the BRP before. Thanks again. Don

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    I had planned to do both in April using this route, but the weather turned bad at the last minute so my buddies and I aborted the trip. We're also going to try again in September--after school is back in session to cut down on traffic, but before the peak leaf season when it becomes a parking lot up there.

    Skyline is a pretty relaxed route. None of the curves are marked less than 20 MPH (there are mountain ridge crossings here in Central Pennsylvania which are 15 MPH and 10 MPH). Plus, the speed limit is 35. (It is 45 on most of the Blue Ridge Parkway).

    There are dozens of overlooks on Skyline, plus a few store/snack bar/gas stations run by the Park Service. There's a $10 park fee.

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    We're heading that way next summer -- hopefully on the way to the rally.
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    The road is great once you get your head into the speed limit. The campgrounds cannot be beat, especially if you have the Over 62, Golden Age Pass. Also lots of great side trip roads and many good eatery places. Avoid weekends if possible. Road is clear on weekdays BUT do not ride after dark. Way too many deer.

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    Glad you had a safe ride. My encounter with deer have all been misses, fortunately.

    Thanks for posting nice photos.
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    Rockbottom's return route is pretty good too. Rt. 16 is great. Post Labor Day timing should be good too. This may sound odd, but warmer winter days or early March are good. The foliage is gone and you can see further on the bright, clear days. Traffic is usually minimal that time of year. Easy for me to say because I am pretty close by. If the opportunity presents itself, take advantage of it.

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