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Thread: Banff in late Aug - early Sept - R1200RT

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    Banff in late Aug - early Sept - R1200RT

    I'm thinking about a ride to Yellowstone and the Rockies, ending up in Banff, at the end of August. I'd be leaving Banff Sept 3

    Is it already too late in the season to think a bout a trip like that?

    I'll be coming from Wisconsin so any routes or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Should be a fine time for that trip. I like to plan September trips just to avoid the crowds in the summer. Most Park and tourism services don't start to scale back until mid to late September. The weather is usually starting to moderate a bit by then and the days are getting a bit shorter, but not much concern for riding. Mornings and evenings will be cooler at the higher elevations and there's always a possibility of bad weather so pack and plan accordingly.
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    for route suggestions, just do an advanced search, restricted to this section, under the words Glacier, Kananaskis, Beartooth, and Banff. You'll pull up lots of threads.

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