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Thread: Lower foot pegs

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    Lower foot pegs

    I'm thinking about getting the foot peg lowering kit from Verholen and was wondering if any one has any experience with these. I'm hoping to get rid of the leg cramping on longer rides and am not sure if this is caused by the seat or the pegs. BTW I'm 5'11" 215 lbs.

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    I had those (Verholen) on for a couple of days, but ended up with the set from Suburban Machinery. Not much difference in the foot position, but they look better.

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    I had the Verholens on my 2008 K1200GT and ended up taking them off. As you may or may not know the shift lever height is adjustable but the brake lever height is not. I found with the lowered pegs that I had to actually pick my right foot up to step on the brake lever. The angle was terrible and applying smooth braking was nearly impossible. I was able to get the shift lever to a position that was pretty good, but I couldn't live with the brake lever the way it was with the lowered pegs.

    They are beautifully designed and easy to install, but didn't work well for me.

    I heard the Suburban Machinery lowering kit is also great but I'm still not sure how one deals with the non-adjustable brake lever height.

    Maybe others will have additional suggestions. Good luck.

    Please ride safely!

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