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Thread: scenic ride to buffalo

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    scenic ride to buffalo

    I'll be riding out to MN later this month from NYC. Do you have any recommendations for a scenic route to buffalo? I thought I might work my way up thru the Catskills to US 20 and take it across the state. What do you recommend from experience?

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    Route 28 through the Catskills will give you a nice ride all the way up, past Oneonta and Cooperstown, to Richfield Springs where it hits 20.

    From 28, you can also catch Route 30 at Margaretville and take that past the curvy Pepacton Reservoir (beautiful ride) to 206 which will bring you directly up to Ithaca. From there you can work your way up north to 20 via the Finger Lakes.

    There are a dozen ways to hit 28 in the Catskills. One of my favorites is to come up on 55 through the Minnewaska, past the Roundout Reservoir and up 47 via Grahamsville and Claryville to Big Indian. The easy way to get 28 is to take exit 19 off the NYS Thruway at Kingston.
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    Rt 5 and Rt 20 are old roads that connect way too many towns to be pleasurable, IMHO. And too much local traffic. 20 does get better east of 81, and rolls up and down hills and through some nice scenery. same with the routes along Lake Ontario.

    Southern Tier of NY is much more scenic, but no good E-W roads, you would have to zig-zag, but a lot of very nice small roads around.

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