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Thread: helmet for my wife

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    helmet for my wife

    We are going shopping for a helmet for my wife, I think she would like a flip face any suggestions for a gal with a lot of hair (not long but thick and curly) what she might like. Would love to here from the ladys on this one
    Thanks Bill

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    Go to your local shop(s) and have her try on several helmets (all different types) and leave them on for an extended time (at least 15-20 minutes). See what feels good for her. The key is what is good for a long time, not the type of helmet.
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    Be sure to introduce her to HAD-wear. I always have at least two with me. They keep a girl's hair under control so we don't look a total mess when we take the helmet off. They also help block wind around your neck on chilly days. Oh, and when in a pinch, you can use it to clean your visor or sunglasses!

    HAD Wear

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    Just went through this with Carol who has long AND thick hair.

    First, get a tailors measuring tape and measure her head circumference going over her hair and around just a bit above the ears and the eyebrows. Pull the tape snugly and record the number. You need to use a cloth measuring tape about a half inch in width for an accurate measurement!

    Second, ascertain her general head shape. This will range from "round" to "narrow". To help you, use THIS page from WebBikeWorld.

    Third, review the Helmet Weight Chart from WebBikeWorld noting the last column which contains WBW's rating of the best fitting head shape for each helmet. Review all the helmets that match the head shape determined in the second step and start there.

    I'd recommend starting with the lightest helmets that match her head shape and work down from there. It turned out that once we matched Carol's head shape (to ensure a long term comfortable fit), the weight of the helmet turned out to be the most important issue for her. Be aware that most flip-front helmets are considerably heavier than their full-face or three-quarter cousins.

    Now, about the number you got from measuring her turns out that, given equal head shape designs, a medium in one brand may fit the same as a large in another brand. So she really needs to try the helmet on rather than just relying on the manufacturers size charts. Use the size charts as a starting point only. I would also encourage her to try on helmets while wearing a helmet liner to keep her hair "stable" from helmet to helmet.

    Obviously, you are looking for a snug fit that is comfortable and without any pressure points. The padding around the crown of the head breaks in just a wee bit but not a whole lot. Make sure it's comfortable from the get-go. Cheek pads do break in quite a bit and they can usually be replaced with thicker or thinner pads.


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    Just bought a new helmet for my better half. She wanted another flip up, but after trying 'em on she wound up with a Nolan N43 Trilogy. She doesn't like "full face" helmets, but she is very happy with Nolan WITH the chin bar in place! Well worth looking at!

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    thanks 157990 that was the info I was looking for

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    Shoot! I thought this was an offer to swap, and me with an old Schuberth I don't need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bezdelnik View Post
    Go to your local shop(s) and have her try on several helmets (all different types) and leave them on for an extended time (at least 15-20 minutes). See what feels good for her. The key is what is good for a long time, not the type of helmet.

    That is the only appropriate way to buy a helmet.
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    Post Helmet !


    I have long thick blonde hair and LOVE my BMW Series 6 !

    It only weighs 1560 grams (I weighed mine in the Lab) and
    is fitted with a double visor an integrated sun shield. It is
    conveniently adjusted using a slider at the left-hand edge
    of the helmet.

    It has a four-jointed mechanism. The folding chin section moves
    in an elliptical path very close to the helmet shell. It looks cool
    whether it is open or closed.
    The outer shell in glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) is made in
    two different sizes. The matching multi-section inner shell in
    expanded polystyrol (EPS) is foam padded in various thicknesses.
    This technology allows the best possible impact absorption. pages 16-17

    It is ECE 22-05 approved but not DOT (I do not care).



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