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Thread: k1200rs windshield help

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    k1200rs windshield help

    I have a 1999 k12rs with a comfort shield screen. The noise from the wind is terrible. I wear ear plugs but the buffeting hits me right in the face and is driving me crazy! Can anyone provide me some solid advice on a solution. Preferably from someone who has actually tried whatever screen or tip they are suggesting. For the record I'm 6'1". Ive tried a Laminar Lip that was absolutely no help. Couldn't tell it made a bit of difference. Raised and lowered it to no avail.

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    Try the stock lower shield. I've actually cut about 2 inches off mine to get a nice quiet head zone, wind hits me mid to upper chest, and I'm 5'8".
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    I am 6'. I understand Bob's point of view, and in fact agree in some cases. However, if you are looking for wind protection and quietness, I would go the opposite direction and go for the tall Aeroflow. I love my K12RS with over 126,000 miles. And whether I use the stock screen in the twisties or the tall Aeroflow (with R1200C hand guards) for touring and winter riding...I nearly always use Bob's earplugs with the speakers..+++++

    But for what it seems you are looking for from the tone of your post, I highly recommend the Aeroflow tall. I tried the Comfort screen and found it worthless in any position other than low. Maybe for someone of short stature, but not us 6'+ guys. With the Aeroflow Tall, I am very comfy at up to 75 mph with little or no buffeting and very little wind noise. In the twisties, I drop it down to the low position and can see over it at close range. My buddy has a Parabellum and prefers it, neither of us thought the Comfort screen lived up to its name.
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