On our return ride from Redmond, my son and I (2-up) were departing St. Paul in the rain Thursday morning, July 22. About 20 miles into Wisconsin on I94 E my 1999 R1100RTP sputtered and then stalled. I was unable to start it and, given the steady rain, decided to open up the BMW Anonymous book and contact the nearest BMW dealers for service. The first place I called told me they would not be able to work on the the bike until the middle of next week. Even after I explained to the service manager we were stuck on the side of the road on the way home, there was no indication they would be able to help (they also indicated they did not know of any other authorized BMW service centers in the twin city area!).

The second dealer I called was the Hitching Post in Hopkins Minnesota. They told me they could look at the bike that afternoon and would try to help as best as possible. AAA towed us to the shop and by late afternoon Tim, their BMW master mechanic, diagnosed a faulty Hall Sensor (HES) --- the one part I had decided not to replace before the trip

Jared, Hitching Post's parts manager swung into action and, after attempting to obtain after-hours overnight shipment from their usual sources, told me he there was a dealer in Anaheim CA that had the part. He had me call them directly and I was able to get the part shipped out with "next morning" delivery. By Friday early afternoon we were back on the road.

Since we lost a day for the repairs, we had to modify our itinerary a bit and wound up driving through Chicago in a thunderstorm late Friday night. No further issues with the bike in that storm, nor for the remainder of the trip.

For anyone traveling through the twin cities and/or Minnesota, I can highly recommend the Hitching Post for their friendly service and customer support. The service department, Tim, and Jared, all worked hard to get us back on the road as quickly as possible. Great people and great service. Thanks!