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    Cool Non existent vs existent

    So.Here we have a brand new forum title for a bike that has not yet been released...yet all my sparse lobbying efforts to have a separate 1998 -2004 K/RS/GT title have been rebuffed by the forum powers that be and we have been lumped in with the traditional K forum.

    Please set up a forum heading for the K bike from 1998 - 2004,a distinct marque,and separate us from the K bikes of yesteryear. We have almost nothing in common with the 3 cylinder Ks!!!

    Any takers?

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    I don't have one of these, but it seems a fair request. Can you come up with a good title for the forum? K2 Bikes?

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    Sounds like a lot of whining to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by r11rs94 View Post
    Sounds like a lot of winning to me
    You meant to say "whining"??

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    I agree.
    There were bricks from '85 to '89, four valve ones from '90 to '97, and then the '98 to '04. They were all pretty distinctly different from each other. The triples should be separate.
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    +1 on the RS/GT forum. These bikes represented the ultimate evolution of the shift to modern motorcycling that BMW made in the early 80's.



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