Back in April I posted a request for info on good places, roads, and attractions to take in while exploring Oregon and Washington.

The response was overwhelming and our trip was largely planned around all the great suggestions given here. When first posted I was planning to ride solo and later my dear friend and riding companion, "Doc" Hermann was able to join me making the trip so much better. Nothing like having a surgeon following along the whole way.

With all the good suggestions and so many places to hit along the way we did our best to take in as much as we could in the limited time.

We were originally trying to get direct to Oregon, but the great suggestions for California, we ended up heading north of Death Valley to ride Hwy 395 up the east side of the Sierras and over to the west side of Lake Tahoe. Special thanks to Seabeck for recommending Hwy 395. Thanks to LSKrabut for the great Utah advice and putting us on to Moki Dugway. Thanks to Franze and Tom (Ridealot) for putting us on Hwy 36 after Lassen and Ian (Visian) for the other suggested roads getting us into Oregon.

A very special thanks for PMDave for all the detailed suggestions and information. I know of no other person that has had such a profound influence on my ALL riding experience including the time I started as a beginner. I've read both Proficient Motorcycling books cover to cover so I was determined to follow as much of the good advice a I could.

On one last note, since some of the trip had to be cut in order fit as much as we could, some of the special places had to be left for a future trip. We had to forgo the loop around Petroli and Ferndale, CA, the Grand Coulee dam area, and the far northwestern coast of Oregon near Astoria.

So on with the report and Pics:

Even though Doc's first day of vacation was Thursday morning and we had planned to depart at 7am together out of Dallas, he was on call the night before operating on children and infants. This required him to have to make the customary "Rounds" on Thursday morning at the hospital. We departed separately since he didn't know how long his rounds would take though he managed to ride over to the hospital all packed and dressed to ride. He made his rounds with a doctor's coat over his riding pants and boots. Below was a hero's send off by his staff including the special sign waiting for him to head out.

Day one was Dallas to Albuquerque. Typical day out in NM.

Shot at end of first day. A good omen showing in the background.

Ok we had no idea what this rock thing was in NM though pretty cool. Anyone know?

On our way to Torrey.

Ride report for the Moki Dugway:

A video of Riding Hwy 95 south of Hanksville. Camera Ram mounted on left side of windshield.

Riding west of Torrey and through Nevada to Tonapah.

That's I-15 heading south which we hopped on for about 15 miles.

Nevada. What can I say only to buy gas when you see it and a good place to find the point on your bike where it finally runs out of breath. Just sayin what I've heard. Not much to do out there but futz and fine tune the cruise control while you watch a horizon that never seems to get any closer.

Gas and fine dining in Tonapah:

Didn't take pictures on Hwy 120 over to Lee Vining, but highly recommend this road.
For one thing they just finished resurfacing the top so ultra smooth the whole way and the other weird thing is it follows the terrain. They don't cut through a small hill to keep the road flat so the road constantly goes up and down these short rises. If you ever want to practice super compressions in the troughs and feeling your stomach drop on the ridges, this is the ultimate.

Other end of Hwy 120 past Mono lake:

Still on Hwy 120 about to hit 395 going north. Only an hour before in the hot dessert.

Hwy 395 up ahead.

You think this is bad. You ought to see the warning sings that show a symbol of a cow or bull. What's this world coming to!