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Thread: Day trip to Rhyolite, NV (ghost town)

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    Day trip to Rhyolite, NV (ghost town)

    We couldn't get away for an overnighter, but we did enjoy a perfect day for riding..

    The route

    Left around 8:30, north on HWY 95, over the ramp from Summerlin Parkway

    HWY 95 north of Las vegas has been under (de)struction for about 5 years now, never seems to end

    Perfect morning

    Coming into Indian Springs, NV for breakfast

    Stopped and had the $7 New York Strip steak and eggs

    A convenience store and "cathouse" at the Amargosa junction, HWY 95 & 373. We stopped here a couple of years ago, got gas and discovered the back part of the store was a "brothel" - didn't stop today, don't know if it is still in business

    Gassed up in Beatty, then a short hop to Rhyolite on 374

    There are still several parts of old buildings still standing

    The entrance to the Overbery bank

    Donna in front of the Cook's bank

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    Looking back south

    An old caboose

    Some of the Goldwell Open Air Museum sculptors in Ryholite

    Donna with "Ghost Rider"

    The Sofie Siegmann

    The Last Supper

    The "Tom Kelly" glass bottle house (made entirely of glass bottles)

    We jumped over to Death Valley National Park, rode a few miles and decided we didn't want to get home after dark again, so we turned around and went back

    Coming back towards Beatty on HWY 374

    A large dark cloud appeared, looked like rain, so we didn't waste anymore time and rode home.

    I did receive a new pin from the BMWMOA for my travel tip on the oil window plug, it is in this month's issue of BMW ON magazine, page 114 (shameless plug, bad pun) had to add it to my jacket

    About 285 miles round trip

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