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Thread: Should I run wires on left side or right side?

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    Cool Should I run wires on left side or right side?

    When running wires for various items (GPS, Radar Detector, Autocom, etc) does it matter if I run them from the front of the bike to various areas under the seat along the left or right side?

    I seem to recall something about running them down one side in particular and never the other side. I cant recall if I actually did read this, if so where, and what reasoning was.

    Alternately, I may have just dreamed it up.

    Anyone know about this?

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    I ran the wires for my Garmin down the left side. Can't remember why now, but it must have been more accessible than the right side........
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    +1. Left side has more room and more easily accessible on an RT and probably for most other hexheads/camheads. Once you pull the tupperware and tank off you will see the natural route.
    Good luck.
    Chris O

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    Should I run wires on left side or right side?

    I recently install some P3 lights and ran the wire down the Right Hand Side.

    Admittedly the wires were thin, but I did pull a spare wire through (for future use) at the same time.

    Removed the RHS plastic, but not the tank.
    Pushed a wire coat hanger through with a drawer string attached.

    Very easy and had plenty of room to work on up front in tapping into the front park light wire.

    So I would consider the RHS a viable option.

    But whatever suits.
    Phillip M
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    Sounding to me as if this is all about personal preference. Nothing at all to do with you better never, ever run them down the (left or right side) because **^$%&%&.

    Thanks to all.

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    Check this thread out

    It shows how I routed my wire harness on the right side when I had my RT.
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