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Thread: Zumo 550 vs. 665

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    We are going to buy a unit -likely a Nuvi 1450 for use in both car & truck. What are the disadvantages of using the same unit for my bike in a waterproof case?
    I don't think there is any disadvantage to using a motorcycle GPS in a car. If you use a car GPS on a bike, the disadvantage could be missing features. For example, the Garmin Zumo models and the nuvi 500 and nuvi 550 (which are listed as "motorcycle friendly" by Garmin), all have a Track-back feature which allows you to find your way back to where you started your route. This is a very important feature to GS riders who are on trails or roads that are not on the map. I have never seen this feature on a car GPS.
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    Thanks! Off road is not my way to ride-I walk when in the woods...

    I have been looking @ Tom Tom units -various models sold as a set with everything you need on ebay as new or refurb by the same seller. How do these stack up against the Garmins this thread has discussed? $ is far less! BMW labeled unit also garner big $ on ebay, really big bucks for a retired coot! BTW,here are two threads running around much the same stuff now on this forum.The other thread is r.e., no-mc specific GPS and just below this one in same section. I have seen that left handed operation is a MC specific feature. Do the "car" units give you back road capability in all brands?
    I inquired about a weather cover sold on ebay(ZUMO) & the on/off made you open it , otherwise could operate controls through flexible , clear plastic front and cost was under $70+ for whole unit and compatible with car holder too, for switching back & forth.

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    I decided to go with the Zumo 665. I just finished hard wiring it to my RT. It's certaily a very nice unit. I'm still messing with it but my initial impressin is quite positive.

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