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Thread: LEOs on Highway 2, Sultan to Gold Bar, WA

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    Exclamation LEOs on Highway 2, Sultan to Gold Bar, WA

    On my way in to work this AM... Four m/c's were pulled over.
    LEO is out this weekend.
    Be careful heading up to or back from Stevens Pass.

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    Sort of interesting isn't it that the WSP seems to have portable "target zones"? For weeks at a time the presence of the troopers is noticeably absent. Then BOOM, they're all over the place! In my area I travel the Bremerton/Poulsbo stretch of Hwy 3 frequently, and notice a real uptick in enforcement activities as the WSP academy near Shelton gets to the end of a training period. Place is sort of crawling with new troopers around that time.

    But...traveling between home and Federal Way over the last couple of weeks, if ya ain't do 70-75+ on I-5, ya better get the hell off the road! LOL. But, I'm older and slower these day, so guess overall it's not such a big me.

    Cheers, Bill J

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    As much as I hate the idea... 2 needs to be two lanes East and West.
    I head to work and there is always some yokel doin' 45 in the 55.
    I never see any pulled over for impeding traffic. I swear some do it on purpose.
    A line of 15 cars is downright insane.

    Oh... Note that I started this post/thread about M/C's pulled over.
    Think Cause and Effect here.

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