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Thread: Cedar city rally

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    Yup, BMW MOA says that it's officially sold out. That's too bad. Well, I guess it's better than nobody showing up, but still a bit disappointing. I was holding out on registering until I could get a long-range weather forecast for the dates and a better handle on some work situations (that, coincidentally, will require that I actually be in Cedar City), but it looks like waiting was a bad plan on my part. Maybe next year they'll plan for a larger crowd.

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    Two of us from Kingman so far,Leaving the morning of the 24th.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillSpurgeon View Post
    Is any one from Arizona going to the Cedar City Rally?

    Bill in Phoenix

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    I begged my way in on a cancellation last year... it never hurts to try.

    There's still no reason not to come; you might not be able to attend the banquet or go on the organized rides but there will be plenty-o-splinter groups I'm guessing.

    The weather for this weekend in Cedar City and Bryce calls for a low of 38-43 degs and a high in the 60's. Clear and sunny....

    Sounds perfect to me!

    See you all there on Friday!


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