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Thread: Lolo Pass

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    Lolo Pass

    Large (huge) equipment slated to be used in the Alberta Tar Sand Fields is proposing getting to the work area via Hwy 12.

    This article is from a bicycle newsletter, but those two wheelers have lots in common with motorized two wheelers.

    If the equipment moving enterprise gets approval to use that route they will widen and straighten the road. That would be a loss of a wonderful motorcycling road.
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    OH NO!!! This is one of the most beautiful roads in Idaho.
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    I hope that doesn't happen. I rode Lolo Pass this year and found it a delightful road. It would be a shame to lose it.

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    LOLO Pass

    Leave it to the greedy oil companies to decide we must have it our way. This road is a riding "wet dream" . I've had the pleasure of riding it 3-4 times and I'd hate to see it destroyed.

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    Didn't know about the Lolo Pass until I found it by accident on my way from Berkeley to Gillette in 'o8. It was certainly one of the high points of my ride to the National.
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