Well here's my story.

I went on my vacation to the north. I thought I did pretty good planning most of the trip but got tired of planning and thought I could just wing the rest of it.

The first day started out dark but that‘«÷s because it was so early. I remember just hoping it wasn't going to be raining when I left. Just didn't want to leave in the rain. Well, it was close but no rain for the first two hours of the ride. I got hit with a light 10 minute rain which got me completely wet. I wasn't wearing the rain suit portion of my outfit but I was thinking I have been in torrential rain storms on the highway with the same outfit and didn't get wet so it should be cool. After I felt a cold stream of water I figured out that the luggage on the back of the bike was causing all the rain to blow right to my waist, soaking my pants. At every stop I made I knew I should of changed my pants but I was too lazy to dig into the luggage. It was packed perfectly. Other than the quick rain it was such a beautiful day to ride. I did get to my campsite in time to setup the tent in the light and yes I was paying for not getting out of the wet clothes. That was 803 miles the first day. That evening the sky turned pitch black. It was really windy but luckily it just spit a little rain. The people next to me found refuge in their vehicles after their tent was blown down.