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Thread: My trip to the north.

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    My trip to the north.

    Well here's my story.

    I went on my vacation to the north. I thought I did pretty good planning most of the trip but got tired of planning and thought I could just wing the rest of it.

    The first day started out dark but that‘«÷s because it was so early. I remember just hoping it wasn't going to be raining when I left. Just didn't want to leave in the rain. Well, it was close but no rain for the first two hours of the ride. I got hit with a light 10 minute rain which got me completely wet. I wasn't wearing the rain suit portion of my outfit but I was thinking I have been in torrential rain storms on the highway with the same outfit and didn't get wet so it should be cool. After I felt a cold stream of water I figured out that the luggage on the back of the bike was causing all the rain to blow right to my waist, soaking my pants. At every stop I made I knew I should of changed my pants but I was too lazy to dig into the luggage. It was packed perfectly. Other than the quick rain it was such a beautiful day to ride. I did get to my campsite in time to setup the tent in the light and yes I was paying for not getting out of the wet clothes. That was 803 miles the first day. That evening the sky turned pitch black. It was really windy but luckily it just spit a little rain. The people next to me found refuge in their vehicles after their tent was blown down.


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    The second day I thought it would be hard because of dealing with repacking then getting on the road late but I was wrong. I woke up early, without an alarm and I was able to repack the tent completely. The worst part was crossing the border. They got 5 lanes but only one open. I sat there for about twenty minutes in the heat with no breeze breathing fumes because nobody was shutting down their engines. Once across the border it really felt like my vacation was starting. Another beautiful riding day except the powerful crosswind. Yeah that‘«÷s right, no wind in the States but once into Canada they turned on the wind until I got to Winnipeg. I did notice that the right lane was for slower vehicles and the left lane was actually for passing vehicles. I made it to the campsite in Saskatoon a little after 9:00pm. Day two was also exactly 803 miles but I didn‘«÷t plan it


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    An awesome day to ride, day 3. This was an easy day, 600+ miles. I stopped alot, enjoyed the scenery, just did my thing. A few miles before Grande Prairie I stopped to look at a river along the road side, I really wanted to ride a couple of hours more and then look for a campsite since it was still daylight, what I found was really nice people that invited me to camp next to them. I thought it to be odd when there was miles of camping just about anywhere but they insisted and invited me to dinner. What was I to do? They had a fire, a clean bathroom, food and beer. They were a married couple from Edmonton and his parents from Quebec. We sat down to the dinner table they had setup and ate a bunch of chicken that they were cooking over a fire and talked until dark. After getting my tent set up they came out of their RV with cushions from the seats so I could sleep more comfortably. This was probably the most relaxing ride and evening I had on the trip. The next morning was perfect. That was the end to my vacation, now on to the rest.


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    Day 4 below is the picture to sum up the riding day. This leg was about 700 miles. I noticed that the roads are getting a little rougher and had my first experience riding on a gravel in a couple of small sections of road. I also saw the most wildlife along the roads in BC compared to the rest of the trip. I pulled into Watson Lake around ten o'clock and things were closing down but had just enough time to get gas and walk around before leaving to find a place to spend the night. I went north out of Watson Lake for my first gravel road. I figured if I couldn‘«÷t handle it I could turn around and take a different route with pavement. Well, the gravel wasn‘«÷t so bad but the section with the excavators was the worst. On part of that section I wasn‘«÷t sure if I was even on the actual road. It wasn‘«÷t even compacted. Felt like I was riding on a wave runner in the water. Yes, I was glad it didn‘«÷t rain and found a place to camp along the road about 2:00am as it was getting dark.


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    Day 5 All sorts of surfaces on this road, mostly just a gravel road and not too difficult. Another section had gravel but it was like river rock where the shape was smooth like marbles. That was very uncomfortable for me to ride in and really had very little control. It felt like the back end wandered left and right while the front wheel could be turned and you would still be going in straight line. The roughest part of the road is where they used the big river rock. This rock was anywhere from softball size to football size rocks and embedded half way into the road. Very rough to ride on and there was no ability to weave to miss because they were everywhere. That is where I lost my aux lighting mounted to front fender. The wires held the light from hitting the road but the mounting bolts were gone so I cut the wire and thru the light in the tool kit. This route was a little more than I anticipated, not the gravel as much as the sheer length. I made almost 600 miles before setting up my tent and collapsing. After a full day out on the water fishing, when I lay still I can still feel the rocking of the boat. I got the same type of feeling as I lay but it‘«÷s from the motorcycle. I could feel the back end wandering and the vibration of the route as I rested. Mosquitoes are beginning to increase in numbers but for me they are still tolerable.


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    Day 6 A little more rock road and I crossed the border then arrived in Chicken to pan for gold. Yes, pan for gold. It was a touristy thing but you get a shovel full of dirt and rock, take it too the stream and look for gold. There was usually a flake in each shovel full but you had to find it. Stayed in a nice and new cabin. It was a hostel setup up but had no roommate, very comfortable.


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