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    Rode to Heath a couple of weeks ago with all the gear except the jacket.It was hot so it was liberating.All of The Gear/Most of The Time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruche View Post
    all of the gear/most of the time?
    This? AGMOTT?
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    did a "test ride" a while back.. down the block and back.. wearing my work clothes... I felt VERY exposed....

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    Well I'm guilty of riding SOTGATT when it's hot out, always a helmet, boots and gloves, Almost always my jacket but I ride in Duluth Trading Company Firehose Dungaree's which are similar to Carhartts in thickness and durability instead of my riding pants. I realize it's a risk but I suffer in the heat and prefer to be comfortable.

    On the plus side I suppose, it's only nice a few months out of the year here and I ride ATGATT for the other 10 months. ......

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    I agree with this view, "What I've noticed over the years is that those who don't seem to know are often those who don't wear gear. To put this another way, maybe it's not the lack of gear that kills them, but the lack of mental skills."

    I have been a MSF instructor for 18 years, and I wear "almost" all the gear ALL the time. My habit has been everything but riding pants, I just wear jeans with all the rest my gear. I still depend heavily on my riding skills to NOT get in trouble to begin with. But, I am planning to start using those padding/guards you wear under jeans to protect my hips and knees.

    But I do feel, and based on what I have seen over the years as a MSF instructor, that those with the least training and worst skills, are usually the ones wearing the least gear. So, combine poor skills, with inadequate gear, and marginally good attitude about riding, and its no wonder so many riders get messed up.

    Used to be, 20 years ago, almost any BMW rider was in full riding gear. Nowadays, with BMWs being a bit more mainstream, I see a LOT more BMW riders wearing no more protection than a typical metric cruiser rider.

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    After low siding my bicycle at ~20mph I immediately added body armor to my scooter gear and have never gone back. When I bought a Beemer I added armored over pants. I've always been a full face guy, I'm ugly enough as it is and I've seen what I look like after a face plant into asphalt.

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    Someone from my local club said that at a recent MSF riding course they took the instructor said "Dress for the Ride" rather than the usual "Dress for the Crash". He, (the instructor) said it was more important to dress for comfort than for expecting a crash. Don't have more info as the person who told me this didn't go into more detail but it made for a lively discussion around the lunch table at the club meeting.

    I have always been a dress for the ride type, though I have taken to wearing a mesh jacket the last few years along with the gloves and boots and full face that have been wearing since the late 90's in all but the warmest days, when the jacket comes off if its above 90 and I'm in slow moving conditions. Winter is easy just to stay warm means full gear. I admit I'm a throw back to the early days (started riding in 65) but I do encourge new riders to don the gear since they are at the highest risk while learning.


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