Since I originally departed my home in MN for CA in June and then up to the rally in July, I added about 6,000 miles to my Flying Brick. The only glitch I had was my GPS not working from LA up to Redmond and that was due to the bike sitting covered outside in the ocean air for a couple weeks. Once I got to the rally, some friends helped me RX the problem and the terminals had some light corrosion on them.

In an earlier post, I reported the bike throwing some gear oil at the joint where the four bolts from the driveshaft attach to the final drive. After cleaning it up and checking fluids last night, it was just a minimal amount as fluids were good.

My brand new set of BT45's tires is another story - I liked them a lot more than the old pair of Metzelers I'd been riding with - after 6,000 miles the rear tire looks like a slick - but I did ride through the Rockies, through Hwy 12 in Utah on the Canyon Roads, up the CA coast, up to Crater Lake and then to Glacier NP. I've read on some of the posts the Oregon roads are abrasive due to the high content of volcanic rock which could be very true. I rode through the Lolo Pass on the way to Glacier and zig-zagged around through the park. The secondary roads of MT caused me to ride faster than normal which also probably had a factor in my burning through the tire.

All in all, the K75 is a keeper and she served me well!
Glad to be home safe - still catching up on my sleep - glad to have met so many friends at the rally!