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Thread: how to move the handle bar holders

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    how to move the handle bar holders

    I have a k1200rs 2003 and have the handle bar in the position shown on the picture. I wanted to move them upward by rotating the handlebar holder only. Notice that I will like to leave the handlebars in the most upfront position but just rotate the holders.
    I untightened the bolt (as a matter of fact unscrwed it all the way) but can not get the holder to move or rotate. Is there a trick or just brut force needed
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    If I understand correctly, you want to rotate the entire assembly where it mounts on the fork tube.
    Obviously not recommended by BMW!
    There is a bolt coming up through the top fork brace that holds that assembly in place. I believe it is a recessed allen head cap screw, it's been a while since I did this to mine. You can remove it and rotate the assembly. Be cautious when tightening the pinch bolt that you do not strip the threads, but get it tight enough that it will not move when you lean on the bars. Check it regularly.
    Be sure to move the forks full travel from side to side to make sure you do not contact the fairing or shield with the clutch or brake lever.
    Bob Weis
    '04 K12RS - Hannigan Hack

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