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Thread: Dauntless now DMC

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    Dauntless now DMC

    Jay and Tara Giese ("Geesie") have been running Dauntless Motors for a number of years. They had a nice booth at the MOA rally in Redmond, and Jay also did a great seminar on sidecars. I know because I was there.

    I discovered at the rally that they have changed the business name to DMC Sidecars (Motorcycle Accessory Specialists) but continue business at 2328 Roosevelet Ave, Enumclaw, WA 98022. 360 825-4610 or And if you get Tara on the phone, don't ask for the "boss." She knows a lot more than many sidecarists about the important details.

    OK, accuse me of being a commercial shill if you wish, but I'm just friends, not a sales rep. I can say that I've noticed a considerable improvement in manufacturing details over the years, as well as products offered. A lot of those "adventure travel" hacks you see in the pictures were assembled by Jay and his crew in Enumclaw.

    DMC has accessories such as leading links, and their own sidecars including a lightweight enduro (for KLRs etc.) and a fiberglass touring model that looks a lot like a Ural. Yes, there are also some great rigs from Europe if you don't mind spending $30,000, but DMC has some high quality made-in-USA hacks, and they offer service from bits-and pieces to complete conversions. There aren't a lot of shops in the USA that do everything for a sidecarist, and DMC is high on my list. Their shop isn't fancy, but it's very functional.


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    Their new website keeps trashing my browser. Grr.

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    Their new website keeps trashing my browser.
    ??? Seems to be running on mine okay. What's it doing to your's?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    ??? Seems to be running on mine okay. What's it doing to your's?
    Yeah... Still bomb's me out here at home but not at work.

    Oh well...

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