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Thread: 2009 K1300GT water pump failure

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    2009 K1300GT water pump failure

    I completed a trip from Vermont to Mountain Home, Ar. last month and had to add antifreeze solution every other day. An apparent leak was not evident. I removed the left hand panel and noticed a leak from the water pump housing that was falling directly on the exhaust manifold. I took this to my dealer one month ago and was told it was finally ready. Along the way of replacing the pump the dealer told me that the cylinder head assembly was throwing oil. Now this was definitely not happening when I took the bike in for warranty service. Has anyone else had similar issues with a K1300GT? The bike has about 5500 miles on it.


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    Tough first post.

    Mine has been fine - no oil or anti-freeze consumption.

    How did you know to check/add anti-freeze?
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    The temp gauge went from normal to hot as I was pulling into a gas station. The bike has two fills. One on the reservoir side and the other on the top right side of the radiator. After adding antifreeze I checked the level cold each morning after. This 2009 GT has had its share of warranty related issues.

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