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Thread: Your Mileage for 2005?

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    Winter in SW

    Some friends and I went down to Baja, MX.

    This is me doing a water crossing.

    temps in the mid 70's

    Life is good!
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    Somewhat envious

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave92029
    Some friends and I went down to Baja, MX.

    This is me doing a water crossing.

    temps in the mid 70's

    Life is good!
    I had a couple of good rides right after new year, and now after our ice storm the roads are covered in gravel. They may as well spread ball bearings. Total mileage about 160 and every one delightful.

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    My basic mileage (net of any long trips) is about 15K kilometers, or 9K miles. I don't bike to commute. The last two years I have completed one long trip per year (Ottawa to BC, Ottawa to Utah), which adds several thousand kilometers. If I go north this year, which I'm contemplating, I'll probably be clocking around 25K kilometers, 16k miles........
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    As of end of January,

    821 miles. Snow and ice on the roads now so that'll do it for this month.

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    '05 Mileage

    Beemerphiles......................miles for '05??? about 1400 so far: 400 on Igor, 1000 on the Inga girl............

    Mileage????? about 42-48 on the RS.........45-50 on the LT

    Enjoy the month, year,etc
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    I'm just under 750 miles so far for the year. Sadly about 90% of those are commuting miles... I ring up just under 60 each day between here and work, so hitting 750 really isn't that big of a deal. Will probably be icy tomorrow, so it's looking like a rover day vs a BMW day...


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