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Thread: Flooding in WI

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    Exclamation Flooding in WI

    Only two small leaks in my basement where the landscaping around the house has flattened out.

    My burb and the surrounding burbs were clobbered. Parts of the city of Milwaukee look like a war zone. A sink hole ate a Cadillac Escalade.

    More rain expected tonight.
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    We have been very dry here this month after almost 8 inches of rain in June.
    It's coming down pretty good right now here Howard but nothing like you folks are enduring up by you.

    Be safe.

    4:30 a.m. Update: 3.5 inches of rain since midnight. 1.3 inches the previous 24 hr period.

    In the words of Captain Phil, "This is bad. This is bad bad."
    Very impressive.

    6:30 a.m. 4.5 inches since midnight. Almost 6 inches in 12 hrs.
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    The rain was so heavy in Milwakee it made a sink hole so big that a Cadillac Escalade ran into it and sunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkerber View Post
    The rain was so heavy in Milwakee it made a sink hole so big that a Cadillac Escalade ran into it and sunk.

    It is possible the Cadillac made the sink hole and it just happened to be raining at the time.
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    We got about 7" in an hour. I was taking the freeway flyer (bus) home and we hit intersections where the water was coming in trough the doors of the bus. Did make it home and found we stayed dry!!
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    South west/ central Wisconsin and North cental Illinois rain report.

    I have dumped 11 inches out of my rain gauge from Friday morning through Saturday morning. North west of here reports are in the 16 - 17" in the same time period.

    The city of Freeport is under water. Highway 20 bypass around Freeport is down to one lane.

    Pearl City had 6 - 7 ft of water over there main road.

    Pecatonica river is waaaaaay up. Locals have never seen the river this high. This is all headed south. River is normally 100' wide is now over a mile wide.

    Lots of other road closures so if traveling this direction be prepared for detours.

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    Starting to recede

    The water is starting to go away here. But if riding around here be careful for the garbage left behind. Rocks, sticks etc.
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