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Thread: RT Plastic Removal

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    RT Plastic Removal

    I just had to remove the panels off my 2010 RT several time in a two day period (DAMW) and wanted to repeat what Semper Fi said on the maintenance Forum.

    Semper Fi:

    1 - The bike is very well designed and goes back together very easily - if you are finding yourself you are forcing something - STOP - because something is wrong.
    2 - All panel mount centers fall exactly in place to the mounting centers if properly placed.
    3 - hand start all the screws for proper thread engagement and then when the respective panel is fully in place with all the screws/mounting hardware - then tighten

    After working on some other bikes I found #1 hard to believe but I learned that it is true! After you do the plastic removal a few times you learn that the panels seem to fall into place and actually can wiggle a bit while in place.


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    Yup. Darn nice design.
    As an added hint to happy wrenching get a magnetic parts holder, kind of a metal bowl with a magnet on the bottom. I roll my tool chest to the bike and place the parts holder on it and drop the screws in it as I disassemble. Makes all the parts stay together and when you reassemble they are clean and handy.

    I also take the time to clean and wax the tupperware while it's off.
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    The same holds true on the GT - DAMHIK
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    My stainless steel panel screws won't stick to magnets. I use a cupcake tin with a labeled post-it on the bottom of each "bin" to label the panel the screws came from. It's ALMOST idiot proof! Room for 12 sets of screws, and misc small arts.

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