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Thread: Scala G4 - GPS & Pandora w/ Droid?

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    Scala G4 - GPS & Pandora w/ Droid?

    Hello all,

    Could someone with a Scala G4 & Droid please tell me if turn by turn works through the speakers when listening to Pandora.

    I just want to confirm before I purchase.



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    I have the Evo, not the Droid, and it works GREAT!

    In the past, I've complained of a tinny sound from these speakers. Through the BT stereo, either I've grown accustomed or the music simply sound better than the FM transmitter.

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    I don't have a Scala, but I have a Droid and I've tested it with Pandora, GPS, etc and Bluetooth. Everything appears to come through BT just fine - music (streamed and MP3s), GPS instructions, notification tones, etc. I've tested it with both a headset and a Motorola BT hands-free speaker/FM transmitter. Works great!
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    I have a Scala G4 and my Iphones Ipod option works via Bluetooth, so I imagine so would a GPS or Driod GPS..

    Now the speakers are another story! They were deemed a cruel and painfull design joke and surgically removed, with an ear bud socket installed in their much better.

    Cardo was anythinng but helpful with the operation.

    But, the new and improved system works GREAT!
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    More Scala questions

    Just purchased and found the Scala to be disappointing compared to the J&M speakers on a Honda GW sound system.

    Had difficulty getting the Scala VOX to restart after they went to standby mode after 30 seconds or so of silence.
    Had to shout into the mike (wearing a HJC Flip up).

    Does the Bluetooth signal from the GPS even cause the Scala to restart?

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