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While we're speaking of the miles/sMiles we've done this year, and savored the satisfaction of achieving the various 100K levels, let us not forget another brand that recognizes long-distance efforts. However, that brand begins awards with 10K. Is there something missing here? Why the difference? Hmm?
I understand that the purpose behind the Mileage Contest and Mileage awards is to recognize and support the membership who get out and ride. The important thing is to just get out and enjoy your motorcycle..

HOG is a Corporate sponsored and supported organization of I believe over 1million members. It cost more to recognize the membership every 10,000 miles than to do it every 100,000 miles but apparently HOG has the resources to do that.

I have heard many make fun of Harley riders and mistakenly believe that they don't ride long distances. When you have a chance go to the IBA web site and look at the brand of bike that many of the long distance riders are riding.

I think it's great that Harley recognizes and supports their members with awards every 10,000 miles.

I believe that many MOA members who only ride a few thousand miles each year really appreciate seeing their names in ON.

As Voni has said before it's not how many miles but how many sMiles you accumulate.

That all being said I'm personally very curious to know who the top three finishers were in the MOA Mileage Contest. Karol if you are listening lets hear from you.