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Thread: Fellow BMW riders

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    Fellow BMW riders

    I live in Lexington Ohio. Mid point between Cleveland and Columbus. Would love

    to connect with other riders for events, day rides or weekend trips.

    Currently ride a GSA.


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    Try going here: It's a link to the MOA location to help you find a club in your area. If you don't get an answer on line soon, assume it's because most riders are on their way to Redmond, or getting ready for a trip to VT.

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    Look for the Buckeye Beemers, I think they are good people.

    I am splitting my time between two homes now.

    One of them is near Sparta OH, a half hour or so south of Lexington.

    I pretty much ride alone, but do not mind getting together for dinner with other riders to tell lies about how awesome I was when I was younger.


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    Check out the regional forum over at advrider. There always seems to be a group getting together between you and columbus on a weekly basis. I'm pretty sure there is another GS or two in the mix. I think the adventure in ohio thread is the one they usually post in. bring your adult ears 'cause the discussions get interesting at times.

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    The BMW dealership on the east side of Columbus has Wednesday evening dinner rides. Here is their schedule -

    On the second and fourth Tuesday evenings a Euro Bike Night is held in Grandview, Ohio (just to the southwest of The Ohio State University) -

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