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Thread: K1200 Octane Boost - Suggestions?

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    K1200 Octane Boost - Suggestions?

    Very much enjoying my first season on my 2008 K1200 GT and headed for a two week trip to Northern Ontario at the end of July.

    Done this before on other bikes and I know that I will be stretched for gas in several remote locations (e.g, Chapleau). I know that is not possible to get gas over 89 octane in several areas I plan to go through. At 13:1, I imagine this is hard on the engine, even if the spark adjust, ignition and combustion chamber are state of the art.

    Any recommendations for an octane boost product that is safe and reliable?
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    If you read up on octane-boosters on google, you will find that it takes quite a large amount to raise your octane .1

    I wouldn't bother with the commercially available ones. Just use what is available at the pump and go easy on acceleration which is where your pre-detonation will occur. the bike has a spark-knock detector, and the ecm will adjust your timing automaticly.

    while you are researching, look up toluline also. I've never tried it, but many dragracers seem to have good results with it. If memory serves they also mix Marvel Mystry oil into the mix for upper end lubrication. Personally, I wouldn't try to make your own concoction - just run what is available.

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