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Thread: nube question

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    Practice, Practice.

    I'm with Kent!!!

    I came back to riding September 09, did 1500 miles, then May 10 another 2600 and now just completed 1200. With each segment I became more comfortable.
    Most of this on two different bikes.

    I jumped on my 75/7 today and it felt like "old shoes".. Drove by my house and didn't even realise it.. so much fun.

    Jim Dahl
    Ketchikan, AK
    I like good stuff. No Chains here!
    1960 R50 -"Hanz"
    1977 R75/7 -"Gertie"
    2004 R1100s -"RFAR1"

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    I've noticed through reading these forums that there's just not a one-size-fits-all formula for comfort. I, for example, like my RT's hard, firm seat, while that very model of seat is a constant complaint for others. I think that there are just too many body types, ages, musculoskeletal variations and personal idiosyncrasies to provide much useful information on whether or not you'll become more comfortable on your new bike.

    That said, tensing up and hanging onto the handlebars like a pair of Vice Grips with will result in muscle fatigue and pain, not only in your arms, but in your upper back. A too-tense posture will ultimately do much the same to whatever muscles that you're unnecessarily keeping tightened up. It's easier said than done, but just relax a bit and enjoy the ride شاِ it's actually safer that way, anyway.

    One more suggestion: stop more often, get off the dang bike, and move around a bit. Get a hamburger or a drink. Get off your bike when you gas up, and actually head into the station to pay. Stop to take some photo. Get off your bike to read the roadside plaques and monuments. Instead of iron butt endurance riding being the goal, get off and smell the roses more often.

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