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Thread: Can You ID This Missouri Couple?

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    Can You ID This Missouri Couple?

    The year is 1982. I'm doing 6,600 miles in about 18 days on my '82 Honda Nighthawk on my "Discover America" tour when I run into these folks. First time I had seen an Airhead being put to the test. I was impressed enough that the seed was planted and 26 years later I brought home my first BMW. A 1984 R100RT. I'm feeling the joy now. Anyhow, this couple were members of a chartered club in Missouri and they gave me a business card which has since been lost or misplaced. I'm not really desperate to contact them or anything. Just curious to know if they might still be around or if anybody recognizes them. They might enjoy seeing this photograph so many years later. I'm having some fun playing with a new scanner too
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    Sure, thats Ma & Pa Kettle. Be careful here, my Dad's people are all from Misery.

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