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Thread: Oregon Camping

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    Oregon Camping

    I'm heading to Redmond and planning on getting there a few days early and am planning on riding the Colombia River. I am camping and am thinking about Memaloose State Park as an over nighter and then looking for a site around Mt. Hood. Any opinions on Memaloose SP? Also looking for suggestions in and around Mt. Hood for Tues night. I plan on heading from there over to the Spruce Goose event.

    On the way back I am camping at the Bullards State Park down by Bandon, OR
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    You could spend some time exploring the Gifford Pinchot NF, then camp at Beacon Rock SP on the Washington side. If your a good conversationalist I might even drive out and take you to the Walking Man brewpub in Stevenson. Excellent beers and about 15 minutes from the park.

    You might also look at McIver SP. It's west of Hood, putting you in a good position for getting to McMinnville the next day. Have not stayed there but from the photos the campsites appear to have plenty of shrubbery between them.

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