I'm heading up to Arcadia National Park at the end of August from Massachusetts. We are planning to camp at or near Arcadia for two nights, any suggestions of places to camp would be great. On the water with cell phone service would be a plus. We will slab it just North of Hampton NH, then stay on Rt 1 North trying to stay as close to the coast as possible, we will probably try to jump off Rt 1 to some of the small roads that go right along the Ocean. We plan to be at or near Arcadia at the end of day one (about 425 miles). Day two we will ride some of the roads around Arcadia maybe head North on some more coastal roads towards New Brunswick. Are there any must ride roads or must see sights that i should Know about. We will have all day 2 to explore the area. Day 3 we will have a few more hours to explore and then we will slab it home to Mass. I like to ride a spirited pace, i like twisty roads.